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Those BBS Days

Those Were The Days

BEFORE the web, there were BBS's which ruled the online world. This website is dedicated to the BBS Pioneers who helped make it all happen.

There are still a few hundred operating BBS's around the world but they're not quite the same, not since the web took over. The name, BBS, is an acronym for Bulletin Board System and existed for millions of online enthusiasts long before the web began to take over back in 1993.

The web is a much more convenient way to navigate and much cheaper. Unlike the general BBS, the web has a much improved graphical interface and support for tons of other options.

Online Pioneers
A Bulletin Board required a modem and telephone line. Today you use a WiFi connected to a network or your celular data allowing access to just about any point on earth. The speed and power of online access has increased more then 10,000,000 times in the last 30 years.

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Ward Christensen The “father” of the BBS world, Christensen created the First BBS (CBBS) in 1978 and is the author of XModem which was so essential for telecommunications.

Bill Gates Still one of the best known names world-wide and one of the richest persons in the world, Bill Gates was the Co-Founder of Microsoft and indirectly helped shape the BBS industry. His software for PC computers, DOS and Windows, as well as Microsoft Office and many others, changed the computing world forever.

Dennis Hayes A giant pioneer, Dennis Hayes single-handedly created the early modem market then was killed by the huge, corrupt Bell companies.

Steve Jobs Apple, iPhone, and Pixar Founder, Steve Jobs was perhaps the most influential person in modern communications history. Creator of the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and first Apple Stores

Jim Maxey Founder of the most successful BBS, the massive Event Horizons was the first dedicated entertainment BBS, created sophisticated online games, first color digital images and movies for computers, and one of the creators of the GIF image format and MaxiPic(tm).

Phil Becker Founder of eSoft, Becker was one of the most influential pioneers, author of the BBS software The Bread Board System (TBBS), and Author of Introduction to PC Communications.

Columnist, PC Magazine, PC/Computing, and other publications, hosts nationally syndicated radio show and appears on C-Net Central.

The father of modern Internet Information theory.

Founder of EXECPC, one of the world's largest BBS systems.

Founder and editor of the prestigious Boardwatch Magazine and ONE BBS CON. First to seriously promote the World Wide Web.

Co-founder and CEO of Datastorm Technologies Inc and ProComm Plus.

Developed the very popular Searchlight BBS as a bulletin board system in 1985 on a TRS-80.

Wrote the MS-DOS BBS software package, RemoteAccess.

Bob Talmadge, (along with Robert Brennan), are founders and editors of bbsdays.com. Bob Talmadge is a former university professor of history and a current certified public accountant (CPA). Robert Brennan is a language analyst. Both men also work in the field of Academic Certification. Robert Talmadge