About the author of this blog: Robert Talmadge

As a teenager, I was fascinated the first time I heard about a BBS. My God, you could use your computer to contact someone else and exchange messages, files, even pictures and videos. And there were even free games you could play.
Bob Talmadge
I was hooked but not as a BBS operator myself, although I did run my own BBS for a while just so I could better participate in local BBS get-togethers.

As I became just a little wiser I wanted to know why other men and women wanted to run a BBS. I had to find out and for some strange reason I was hooked just like a teen on the new idea. I could not let go.
When the web came along and Bulletin Board Systems disappeared, I felt sad. Just that, sad. It seemed such a shame.

So my journey and my interest in history and actually teaching history, prompted me to make a list of notable BBS System Operators.

That turned out to be more difficult than expected because most of the notables were either dead, busy, or no one could find them.

So I offer what I can when I have time.  I will add more to this list as I find them and have time to do them justice.
I'm a former high school teacher now semi-retired but I fill in as a substitute teacher if needed. I still maintain the pioneer website bbsdays.com. And bbsdays.blogspot.com, as a service or hobby.

If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact me:

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