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Featuring John C Dvorak by Bob Talmadge

John C. Dvorak, author, columnist and editor, writes for PC Magazine, PC/Computing, and PC Magazine as well as other publications. He hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and appears on C-Net Central. He joined the microcomputer revolution in 1976. John was heavily into the development of Bulletin Board Systems and their developers operating BBS systems.

In the late 1970's he marketed one of the first commercial telecommunications products and has always been an advocate of connectivity.

John's 1200-page book Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications was a foundation for many newcomers and is still used as a valuable reference. He founded The Dvorak Awards five years ago to heighten awareness of the advances in Telecommunications and so developers and innovators could be applauded by their peers.

John's writings have appeared in Newsweek, Time Life publications, The International Herald Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, Barrons, MicroScope, PCWorld, Ahoy!, Computer Shopper, Computer Currents, High Tech Import/Export, PC Expert (Paris), Debug (Paris), Marketing Computers, Continental Magazine, Information Technology, Canadian Datasystems and elsewhere. Most of his writings have appeared internationally in publications such as Australian PC World, PC Magazine of Greece, PC Magazine of Israel and MacUser. He was also a weekly on-the-air columnist for the Computer Cafe in Los Angeles and a correspondent for Thames Television, London. He's been profiled in Business Week, The San Francisco Bay Guardian. Microtimes, The New York Times, Wired Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.
John has authored or co-authored 12 books.

John currently does 30 to 40 important keynote level speeches a year. He is a founding member of the advisory board of the Software Entrepreneurs Forum and a past member of the Software Publishers Association. He continues to act as a judge for the Discover Magazine Awards and the Corel International Computer Art Competition as well as other award institutions.

John himself has won eight national awards from the Computer Press Association including Best Columnist for 1990 and the award for best column in 1991. He also received World recognition in San Francisco's Focus Magazine.

Dvorak has won eight national awards from the Computer Press Association, including Best Columnist and Best Column. Dvorak's work appears in several magazines and newspapers, including Boardwatch, Computer Shopper, and MicroTimes. His radio show, "Real Computing," can be heard on National Public Radio. He is also the host of TechTV's "Silicon Spin."